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Laura Klink

Laura is 21. She loves writing, taking photographs and sailing. She studies Graphic Design. If possible, she will continue to give lectures and travel with her family. “When we take these trips there is nothing to lose, on the contrary, we always gain a lot. These are values that will stay with us for the rest of our lives,” she says.

Laura Klink

loves writing, taking pictures and sailing.

Tamara Klink

Tamara (21) loves assembling and dismounting structures. She studies Architecture ans Urban Planning On the boat, she likes spending more time in the engine room then on the upper deck. She also likes writing and taking pictures, and she keeps a journal both on paper, on this website (in portuguese) and on YouTube.

Tamara Klink

Loves assembling and dismounting structures. Keeps a YouTube channel.

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Marininha Klink

Marina is the youngest sister(18). She loves to read, write and to share experiences. She studies Business and Administration. Even after visiting very different places, she continues to consider the Antarctic Continent her favorite destination. She enjoys the marine life that she follows ever since she was a young child and, among all animals, her favorite one is, by far, the whale. “It’s a shame that in July the ocean freezes, because I would like to be able to go to Antarctica in all seasons.” 

Marininha Klink

She leads and organizes the expeditions

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